If you are on a waitlist, it is expected that you are available to come to the class. If a spot comes available, you will be automatically added to the class roster by Mindbody. If you are added to the class from the waitlist and you cancel with less than 3 hours notice, it will be treated as a Late Cancel, and charges may apply. Therefore, if you are on the waitlist and are no longer available, please remove yourself from the waitlist.

While we do our best to notify you by call/text/email if a spot comes available, ultimately the responsibility is yours to check your account and see if you have been added to the class. Please do not wait to hear from us that you have a spot. You should be fully prepared and able to attend the class, and keeping your eye on your account to see if you were moved from the waitlist to the class. This can happen up to 1 hour before the class starts.