We’re not your average yoga studio.

While Willow provides high quality yoga, Pilates and fitness classes for all stages and abilities, we’re experts in movement for pregnancy, postpartum, 50+ and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Our studio fuses traditional techniques with modern research to provide classes that are unique, fun, and get you amazing results.


Your body is built to move.

Studies continue to demonstrate the benefits of yoga and Pilates for improving balance, posture and sleep quality, reducing fatigue, anxiety, stress and pain, and generally raising the quality of life.

Yoga has been shown to have positive health benefits on blood pressure and osteoporosis, and that people who do yoga have fewer hospital visits.

Love from our clients.

middle aged women from yoga class

“As a 50+ woman with NO yoga experience feeling very apprehensive, it was such a relief to come to your beautiful studio and be warmly welcomed.

With a soothing voice, our instructor Heather took us through the practice – giving detailed instructions for each move. To my surprise I was excited for my next class.

Feeling the positive benefits from my first two sessions of classes, I am now on session three and I am looking forward to continuing my Willow journey.”

– Stephanie C.

“I started at The Willow Studio with Prenatal Yoga in my pregnancy. The amount of information I learned about pelvic floor health was staggering! I had no idea how integral this muscle group was to a healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.

After giving birth, I continued with several sessions of the Core Recovery for Moms class. It was the perfect way to ease myself back into activity and get reacquainted with my changed postpartum body.

I have really enjoyed being a part of the Willow community. Steph has created such a beautiful, calming space for all to gather and feel supported – physically and mentally – in the journey from pregnancy to motherhood. Thank you!”

– Kayleigh M.

mom holding baby on a yoga mat

We’re on this journey together.

When you sign up for a class at Willow, you’re more than just a number to us.

We are so thrilled to have your join our community! Even though some of the more social aspects of our studio are temporarily on hold during the pandemic, our small class sizes mean that you’ll get to know other students in your classes, and your instructor will get to know you.

For our prenatal clients, this is an amazing opportunity to meet other expecting Peterborough mamas – many of our Willow babies becomes friends once they enter the world.

Our top-tier instructors know their stuff.

Your body is unique.

And it takes a skilled instructor to guide a class full of unique bodies through an effective yet safe experience. At Willow, we pride ourselves on providing high quality instruction based on the most up-to-date research.

Many of our yoga teachers are trained at the 500-hour level, and we have one of Peterborough’s few Registered Yoga Therapists on staff.  Our instructors regularly pursue new training to expand their skills.  Our Core and Floor yoga, fitness and Pilates programs are developed in consultation with a pelvic floor physiotherapist.

We’re passionate about being the best at what we do, so you can be the best at what you do.


All you need to bring is yourself – we’ve thought of the rest.

  • Limited class sizes – you have space to move and breathe.

  • A beautiful, baby-friendly refuge (we’re on ground level and have lots of free parking).

  • Complimentary tea and infused water, free use of our high-quality yoga mats and props, and lavender eye pillows.  Temporarily not available due to pandemic

  • On-site pelvic floor physiotherapy and massage therapy to compliment your classes.

You’re not alone.

There’s a silent epidemic going on. It’s called pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.

When the muscles between your tailbone, sitz bones, and pubic bone aren’t doing a great job, things like bladder leakage, pelvic pain, prolapse, or ab separation can occur.

Over 50% of women have some type of pelvic floor dysfunction (and many don’t even know they have it).

In many cases, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction can be treated without surgery or medication. Stephanie offers her signature Pelvic Floor Fitness Workshop and personalized Core Assessments to help you make sense of your symptoms, and to come up with a rehabilitation plan that includes movement, stretches, lifestyle modifications, posture adjustments, and possibly referral to pelvic floor physiotherapy.

Our unique Core and Floor classes give you the chance to practice your pelvic floor exercises in a weekly class so you can get back to doing what you love, and stop worrying about what’s going on “down there”.


Classes & workshops for what you need.

  • Pregnancy: Stay strong, active and comfortable. Manage low back or pelvic pain. Prepare for labour, recovery, and the demands of motherhood. Connect with other expecting moms.

  • Postpartum: Take time for you. Rehab your deep core and pelvic floor muscles. Work to correct ab separation, prolapse, incontinence, or pelvic pain. Get out of the house and meet other moms.

  • Beyond: Stretch, strengthen, relax, have fun. Try something new. Learn how to address through exercise common pelvic floor conditions that reappear with menopause.


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“I left the session feeling empowered. I now have a better understanding of my body and I know what to do to regain the control and strength I am missing. I also feel armed with resources, so I don’t feel alone in it.”
– A. S.