We believe that everyone should have access to yoga. Here are a few options for you:

We sometimes hold Pay What You Choose Community Yoga Classes on Friday evenings, to remove the barrier of cost.  Please bring cash or a cheque and pay what you can. Suggested donation is $10, but feel free to leave less or more depending on your personal circumstances. A box is available to discreetly drop your payment into. Check out our schedule to find the next available class.

To encourage diversity in the yoga community and promote the benefits of yoga to a wider population, we have two bursaries available for community members who identify as Black, Indigenous, or Persons of Colour (BIPOC) and for whom cost is a barrier to attend classes at our studio. Each bursary will subsidize 3 months of an Unlimited Membership at 75% off. The recipient would be responsible for paying the remaining 25%. You can learn more about this program here.

We sometimes exchange classes with other professionals who may have skills we are looking for. We’re currently looking to trade classes with someone who:

  • is a professional photographer;
  • is skilled at SEO optimization or social media marketing; or
  • grows fresh flowers (trading flowers for classes).

If you’re interested in an exchange, contact us to set this up!